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The benefits of Kayaking&canoeing
Stress reduction
One of the best benefits of kayaking is the reduction of 
stress. While on the water, it's difficult to focus on your
worries, and much easier to let go, breathe, and enjoy
one of life's many pleasures. The water itself is relaxing,
as the repetitive motion you'll use to propel yourself
through the water is almost like mediation.
Weight losswatersportsandwinetastingofGA
The average 125-pound person will burn 300 calories per hour kayaking. Those who weigh closer to 185 pounds can expect to burn as much as 444 calories per hour. With many other exercises, you might look forward to finishing as quickly as possible. With kayaking, I find it hard to want to get out of the water!
Time goes by quickly, and it's easy to spend several hours paddling, which can add-up to nearly 1,000 calories or more.
Muscle toning
While paddling, your body will use nearly every muscle in the upper body and some lower body muscles. It works your arms, shoulders, upper body, and core muscles and can strengthen
your legs as you apply pressure in order to propel your
kayak forward. Of course, kayaking will also work your heart muscle, as it's an excellent aerobic exercise, elevating your
heart rate for an extended period of time.
kayaking&canoeing on Broad River $160 QuickGifts



Slow water tubing on Broad River $120

Takes 6 to make it go- email,


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what is included with our water journeys:
* A fun, knowledgeable guide trained in First Aid and CPR
* Lunch on-he go , nuts and berries
* Wine tasting at Boutier winery--4506 Hudson Rivers Church Road  Danielsville, GA 30633
* $ 10 gift certificate redeemable on
your next journey.
What to bring with you:
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Extra clothing just in case
* 64 oz water
* Camera
* Your sense of wonder!
Specialty and Seasonal Water journeys:
* Full-moon water journeys
* Sunrise water journeys
* Kids friendly water journeys
* Artist water journeys-bring your camera or drawing pad
* Gift cards are available
* a paypal is required to hold your reservation. We charge 50%
of your total at the time of reservation, and the balance on the day of the hike.
* To cancel a reservation, contact us
no later than 48 hrs before the
departure time of your trip. For late cancellations or no-shows, your credit card will be charged 50% of the total